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Getting ready lift the body on the roadster.

There’s a few other tasks to finish off before I pull the body and start preparing the body for paint. One of the main tasks to finish off would be mounting the gas tank and cutting out the holes for the brake pedal and steering column and then rough mounting the Wanlass windshield to the roadster. All these will require some cutting and I’m just not looking forward to the fiberglass itch.

Once all the above is completed, I plan on building a jig to mount the body on so that I can roll it around. Then the fun starts, I get to start the running the brake/fuel lines and all the wiring. It’s going to be an exciting point in the build and I really enjoy doing that detail level of work. Of course, photos will be taken.. :-)

After the chassis is finished, then I will start the body work.. oh joy, the itch!

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Roadster: Rodwell windshield update

Just received the fiberglass eyebrow from Dick Rodwell. Looks like it will work out well. Not looking forward to the glass work to get this installed. I guess I should have done my homework on the body and windshield. 1932 Ford Duvall WindshieldI know this body would work well for a Duvall windshield just like the one in this photo.. Since the top of the roadster is flat without the eyebrow, the Duvall windshield would work out great. But I really wanted to go with the 32 Ford Rodwell windshield, so it’s going to be fun. Going to have to grind down the fiberglass in that area and glass in this new piece. See the photos below showing the fiberglass eyebrow for the 32 ford.

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Roadster: Wanlass/Rodwell windshield (part II)

I got a phone call a few days ago from Dick Rodwell, just advising me that my 32 Ford windshield was on its way to me. He also explained that the lower stanchions are coming un-chromed so I could grind/tweak them to make a better fit on my 32 Ford Glass body. Rodwell stated that most of the time you need to do a little tweaking of the body or stanchions to get a perfect fit on the 32 Ford Roadster bodies, glass or metal. Just the nature of the breast. Once I get a good fit on the Roadster body, send back the lower stanchions and he would chrome them and send them back.

As for the quality of the 32 roadster windshield, I have to say, it’s beautiful.. once together, it’s a piece of art that will be going on top my 32 roadster.

Now the bad news. Seems my 32 roadster body doesn’t have a eyebrow on the top dash area. Seems that some glass bodies have that eyebrow removed so it’s a flat surface for other style 32 roadster windshields. Well, the Rodwell windshield needs that eyebrow in place for a better fit. So I reached back out to Dick Rodwell and had a pleasant surprise, he manufactures a fiberglass eyebrow piece just for that reason. So I ordered one of those 32 Ford eyebrow pieces as well. I just don’t feel like doing massive glass work to get the fit just right.

Rodwell Windshield
32 Ford Windshield
Rodwell 32 Ford Windshield fresh out of the box

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Wanlass roadster windshield

Setting the rim/tire issue aside, I wanted to get the windshield situation under control. So after looking around at a few other windshields and the rake of the windshields I decided on a Wanlass 1932 Ford roadster windshield. I just like the look of the rake of the windshield, it’s seems to give the roadster a fluid look instead of a flat angle look.

I reached out to Dave Mann at Roadsters.com. Dave and I had a long conversion about the windshield and the history of it. These curved, two-inch-chopped windshields for ’32 Ford roadsters are the work of veteran hot rodders Dick Rodwell and Stanley Wanlass, who spent three years developing them.

Dave has been in the hotrod business a long time as well and knows a lot of the hotrod guys out there. He’s a great wealth of information and loves to talk about 32 ford roadsters. After he gave me some good information and a few tips, I ordered the windshield and should have it in roughly a week or so.. Believe me, once it arrives, I’ll be installing it the next day.

Rodwell / Wanlass roadster windshield
Rodwell / Wanlass roadster windshield installed on this 32 roadster

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