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Roadster: The engine build

Well, we started the engine build this past weekend. We ran into some issues with the block, first; it wasn’t cleaned very well.. so we had to spend a lot of extra time cleaning the inside of the block, Second; one of the main cap bolts had a bur on it, so we were not able to fully assemble the block in one day. Third; dealing with those spiral piston locks.. OMG.. took us about 15 minutes just to figure out how they went in..

After bleeding a little from the sharp edge of the locks, got it down to a science, took under 1 minute per spiral piston lock/clip. We kept on thinking, glad we will not have to pull these things out ever.. Well, the “ever” happened, four of the pistons were flipped the wrong way.. Blame it on the heat of the day or the beer.. But we had to remove eight spiral piston locks.. At first, we googled and everyone had major issues with pulling these out. Even someone created a tool to pull them, cost $89.. But we wanted to give it a try, hell, it was too easy.. you just have to get behind the lead edge with a very small screw driver, then push out so you can get a 90 degree scribe in there to get the leading edge all the way out.. once the leading tip is out, use small needle-nose pliers to pull the lock all the way out.. took, maybe 1 minute per lock to get out.. no biggy at all.

As for the piston rings, pretty easy install. First set of rings needed to be at .018 and the middle set of rings needed to be set at .020.. after a few minutes of grinding on each ring, we dialed the rings right in..

So we ordered new main bolts and they should be in tomorrow sometime along with the new spiral clips.

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