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1932 Ford Spark Wires

Here’s a better photo of how the wires are tucked down and close to the engine of my 32 roadster.. This creates a really clean look with the engine.. Remember, I’m putting on the eight stack fuel ingestion system from Inglese, I want that system to be the focal point of the engine.. Not some spark plug wires hanging loosely around the engine.

1932 Ford Roadster spark plug wires
1932 Ford Roadster spark plug wires

You can click on the photo to give you a real zoomed in look at the spark plug wires on my roadster..
Also, the picture gives you a good look at that Jegs mini starter that I installed.. It tucks in there nicely as well. Well worth the extra money..

Next step, fab together something to channel the wires up to the distributor. I think I will be using some plug wire brackets from my 60 Corvette. I just ordered all those repro pieces to see what I would work with. Will take some more photos once I get the pieces installed on the 32 Ford.

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Roadster: Building the engine

Well, just made a serious part purchase from Summit Racing last week and the parts arrived last night.. how’s this for the parts shopping list for the roadster:

Oil pan   sum-g3532
Oil pump shaft mel-is-55e
Oil pump  mel-m55a
Oil pickup mel-55-s1
Oil filter adapter  ses-3-60-08-900
Front cover  mil-65555
Timing pointer it’s chrome but we can paint it  sum-g3205
Balancer bolt  sum-g1677
Timing chain set cca-3100
Bolt kit plus pins,misc  cca-233
Freeze plug kit MIL-34031
Cam kit  Lunati voodoo  lun-60103lk
Head gaskets ( 2) fel-1003
Oil pan gasket   mrg-5882
Rest of most gaskets kit    fel-2702

Looks like this weekend, we will be prepping the engine for assembly work and giving it a nice coat of black epoxy paint before we assembly it.. it’s easier to paint before assembly, just have to be careful not to mess up the paint during assembly.. I’ll get some photos shortly..

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