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Picking the right gauges for your roadster

Picking the gauges for your roadster is a personal preference. Some want the modern high-tech look and others want the old fashion look.. Some people go as far as getting old gauges from the 30-40s and putting the modern gauge technology within them. The end result is a really nice look, but costly.

I’m opting to go the old fashion look and have chosen the All American Nickel from Classic Instruments

All American Nickel Instruments
All American Nickel Instruments

These gauges have a really nice look and feel and will work well for the style of roadster that I’m going for now.. The guys over a Classic Instruments were very helpful in advising exactly what I would need to hook up these gauges to my Painless wire harness. So a Shout Out goes to Classic Instruments for the great customer support! Thanks!

As for the installation of the gauges, I’m going to do something a little different then the rest of 32 fords out there.. don’t want to spill the beans just yet, need to mock it up to see how it’s going to look.. But I think I have a really cool idea that going to make the dash look really great with these gauges, so stay tune to see photos of the mock-up and the install.


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