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Working out brake issues on a 32 Ford Roadster

Every time I walk by the 32 roadster in my garage, those factory GM calipers just stick out like a sore thumb against all that nice chrome and stainless steel parts.. I know down the road, those calipers will lose their factory coating and begin to rust, leaving a poor presentation of the front and rearend of this roadster.

So I’ve been diggin around to see what I could get to replace those GM calipers without having to redo the brackets, etc. looks like there could be a few direct replacements available out there that will be bolt-on.. I’m tossing around the idea of purchasing a set from Wilwood, here’s the breakdown:

Wilwood Disc Brakes introduces their new forget billet D154 replacement caliper for 1968 – present GM vehicles.
– The calipers are specifically designed to mount in the stock location
– Calipers are available in black or red powder coat
– The caliper comes in a single piston 2.50” diameter
– For two 2-piston configurations is available in, 1.62/1.62” and 1.12/1.12” for vehicles that have been converted to four wheel discs

I figured I would do the black powder coated ones, as the red would just stick out too much.. I’ll let you know how they turn out shortly..

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