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Working out brake issues on a 32 Ford Roadster

Every time I walk by the 32 roadster in my garage, those factory GM calipers just stick out like a sore thumb against all that nice chrome and stainless steel parts.. I know down the road, those calipers will lose their factory coating and begin to rust, leaving a poor presentation of the front and rearend of this roadster.

So I’ve been diggin around to see what I could get to replace those GM calipers without having to redo the brackets, etc. looks like there could be a few direct replacements available out there that will be bolt-on.. I’m tossing around the idea of purchasing a set from Wilwood, here’s the breakdown:

Wilwood Disc Brakes introduces their new forget billet D154 replacement caliper for 1968 – present GM vehicles.
– The calipers are specifically designed to mount in the stock location
– Calipers are available in black or red powder coat
– The caliper comes in a single piston 2.50” diameter
– For two 2-piston configurations is available in, 1.62/1.62” and 1.12/1.12” for vehicles that have been converted to four wheel discs

I figured I would do the black powder coated ones, as the red would just stick out too much.. I’ll let you know how they turn out shortly..

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Ford Brakes (Brake Installation)

Well, while I’m waiting on a few of the 32 roadster parts to arrive, I’m going to start on the organizing the brakes.. The chassis came with standard GM calipers, which I’ll continue using, just need to start working out the details of the lines, etc.

For the 32 ford, I’ve choose to go with a stainless steel brake kit that includes: 4 line kit includes a 20 foot coil of stainless steel 3/16″ line, seventeen AN3 tube nuts, seventeen AN3 tube sleeves, two AN3 bulkhead tees, six AN3 to 1/8″NPT, two 90° AN3 to 1/8″ NPT, one AN3 straight bulkhead fitting, two AN3 to 1/8″ NPT female thru-frame fittings with stainless jam nuts, four AN3 18″ braided lines and three 3/8″ bulkhead nuts.lines with through-frame  connectors.

The kit comes with everything needed, but the 37 degree flaring tool, so I had to order one of those as well. I’ve run a lot of brake lines before, but always had something to go by. Building this 32 ford roadster, it’s un-chartered territory for me. I’m going to enjoy designing the layout for this system.

32 Ford Brake Line kit
32 Ford Brake Line kit
32 Ford Roadster with GM calipers
32 Ford Roadster with GM calipers

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