Test Fitting the Grille shroud and Grille Insert

So I resolved the issue with the radiator.. wasn’t so bad, a few extra bucks in shipping charges, but got it all resolved.. Now with the Walker radiator installed, I wanted to see what the final product looked like with the grille insert installed. Next problem, the insert isn’t fitting into the shroud. I have to really push extremely hard to get it to go into the shroud, NOT GOOD!.. There’s no way that this can get paint on it and then installed. The paint will just scratch right off. Next day I showed my body shop, the shop that will be doing all the body work and paint.. They said it would cost about $200 to get it to fit right.. Hello, just paid +$550 for this shroud and insert…

So I called Brookville and advised them of the issue. Seems they knew that sometimes the inserts are off a little bit. So they told me to send them back and they will get it fixed or replace it.. Again, more money in shipping charges.

But the black radiator and shroud sure look good.

32 ford roadster: front of shell and walker radiator
32 ford roadster: front of shell and walker radiator

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Radiator issues

While I was working on getting the OTB 682-J headlight housing test fitted, I decided to test fit the 32 shell, grille insert and radiator. Well, that didn’t go as well as the headlight housing. The 32 shell and grille insert are from Brookville Roadster and the radiator is from a radiator shop out of GA. The radiator was built great, great welds, etc. but just too big, the top tank rubbed the inside of the Brookville shell, see attached photo. I did some research on the web, asked some questions on some forums and most of the guys told me to pick up a Walker radiator. I really didn’t want to spend the money on a Walker Radiator for the roadster, but I really didn’t fell like modding up the aluminum radiator to make it fit.. So I returned the radiator and order a Walker. The walker fit right in, see the photos below:


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Lights are on (OTB 682-J headlight housing)

I went back and forth on the type of head lights for the 32 roadster. First, I selected simple Dietz setup with chrome trim rings and primed back.. As for the bulb, went with fluted lights with turn signals integrated into the sealed bulb. When they arrived, they really didn’t fit the look I envisioned. So I searched around for something a little different and came across a set of OTB 682-J headlight housing at the So-Cal speed shop in Sacramento, CA. These are repos and I personally think, very good repos at that. So I ordered them with primed housing and chrome rings. Got them within one week from CA and installed them the very next day..test fit is great, just need to work out the wiring issues.. already have the wires, etc. will be installing through-frame to hide the wires.


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Let the building begin!

Well, I’ve been spending time visiting sites and seeing what other guys have done to their 32 Ford Hiboys.. Trying to figure out a style to go after.. old school or modern.. I really enjoy the old school, but prefer to run modern drivetrain. Something like a 383 with a 700R4. But this could all change.

Started ordering parts, UPS guy is starting to expect dinner at my house with all these boxes coming in.

1932 Ford parts
1932 Ford parts have arrived

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The roadster has arrived

After roughly 3-4 weeks, Ken delivered the roadster as a roller. Gotta love those wheels! Since Ken’s shop was only one state away, I opted to save some money and get the 32 Ford delivered on a open car transporter.

1932 Ford roadster
1932 Ford roadster on the back of the transporter.
1932 Ford Roadster
1932 Ford Roadster waiting to be built

Yes, I have two projects going on now! Everyone thinks I’m crazy, I completely took apart my fully restored 1960 Corvette because I didn’t like the old frame.. Long story, short.. I found a really nice frame a few miles down the road, so I restored that frame, lifted the vette body, pulled the other previously restored frame and slipped the new frame under my vette. Now I’m slowing putting the vette back together.

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The Beginning of the Build

Ken, the builder of the chassis was nice enough to photo the building of my 32 Ford chassis..here’s some of the photos of the building of the 32 ford chassis and some of final assembly of the 32 chassis with black primer on it just before he shipped it out to me.

Assembly of the 1932 Ford Roadster Frame
1932 Ford Roadster frame primered
1932 Ford Roadster frame primered


1932 Ford roadster chassis
1932 Ford roadster chassis
1932 Ford Roadster Chassis Primered
1932 Ford Roadster Chassis Primered Rear View
1932 Ford Roadster Chassis Primered
1932 Ford Roadster Chassis Primered





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Getting the 1932 Ford roadster

After about 8 months of research, quite a few phone calls and dozens of emails to different companies, I narrowed down my chassis and body purchase to a small shop in Dalton, GA. He goes by the name of Hard Code Chassis, Ken is the owner. Email address is <hardcorechassis@aol.com>. Found him on ebay.  Ken builds the chassis and bodies one at a time in his shop. Frames are tig welded with together with pure craftsmanship. After a few emails and phones calls I figured out what I wanted on the chassis and he started building it.. My list was the following:

1932 Ford Chassis
(Pete and Jake’s frontend)
– 1″ drop crossmember
– 4″ dropped I beam axle with four link
– chrome spring
– chrome shocks
– chrome shackles
– chrome spindles
– chrome steering arms
– chrome bolts & fasteners on front end
– unisteer rack
– GM four wheel disc brakes
– Chevy motor mounts setup
– transmission mount
– brake pedal & booster mount
– 9″ Ford rearend with new alloy axles bearings & seals
– triangulated 4 bar
– chrome coilovers
– rails fully boxed with nuts welded inside with C notches front and rear
– Bob rear rails

Roughly within three weeks my chassis was completed, primed and ready for pickup.. I had Ken primed the chassis because I know that it’s going to take sometime to build this 32 ford. I didn’t want to deal with surface rust all over the frame during my build, so Ken primed the frame for me.

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Building the Roadster


I’m creating this site to document all the little stuff, let’s call them “ISSUES” that go unnoticed when someone builds a 32 Ford Roadster from scratch. Let’s face it, it’s a labor of love, building cars.

I plan on documenting all the trial and errors that occur, again “ISSUES”, all the tips that I receive along the way and all the great deals that I may receive.. Plus, I want to build a list of contacts for everyone to use.. So please stay tune..

BTW: I’ve started this site a little late, I already have the body and chassis, plus I’ve ordered some parts.. but I will still put the posts in order, so it’s documented correctly..





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Building a 1932 Ford Roadster