Well, need to create a body dolly for the 32 roadster

I started planning out the next steps on the roadster, seems that I will need to do them in somewhat of an order.

    Glass in the window eyebrow and install windshield
    Cut out the holes for the shifter
    Cut out the holes for the remote access door for the master cylinder
    Cut out the hole for the steering column
    Mount the steering column
    Rough mount the seat in the body (don’t want to be drilling mounting holes after painting)
    Uninstall items so roadster body can be remove
    Lift body off frame
    Place body on dolly
    Route the external wire harness on exposed frame (engine, alt., fan and headlights)
    Route the brake lines on exposed frame
    Route fuel lines on exposed frame
    Drop body back on
    Cut holes for the fuel line to Tank
    Cut holes for the wire harness
    Rough in dash
    Rough in gauges

This is just a high level checklist, there’s more details, but you get the idea of the next steps.

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