The roadster has arrived

After roughly 3-4 weeks, Ken delivered the roadster as a roller. Gotta love those wheels! Since Ken’s shop was only one state away, I opted to save some money and get the 32 Ford delivered on a open car transporter.

1932 Ford roadster
1932 Ford roadster on the back of the transporter.
1932 Ford Roadster
1932 Ford Roadster waiting to be built

Yes, I have two projects going on now! Everyone thinks I’m crazy, I completely took apart my fully restored 1960 Corvette because I didn’t like the old frame.. Long story, short.. I found a really nice frame a few miles down the road, so I restored that frame, lifted the vette body, pulled the other previously restored frame and slipped the new frame under my vette. Now I’m slowing putting the vette back together.

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