Getting the 1932 Ford roadster

After about 8 months of research, quite a few phone calls and dozens of emails to different companies, I narrowed down my chassis and body purchase to a small shop in Dalton, GA. He goes by the name of Hard Code Chassis, Ken is the owner. Email address is <>. Found him on ebay.  Ken builds the chassis and bodies one at a time in his shop. Frames are tig welded with together with pure craftsmanship. After a few emails and phones calls I figured out what I wanted on the chassis and he started building it.. My list was the following:

1932 Ford Chassis
(Pete and Jake’s frontend)
– 1″ drop crossmember
– 4″ dropped I beam axle with four link
– chrome spring
– chrome shocks
– chrome shackles
– chrome spindles
– chrome steering arms
– chrome bolts & fasteners on front end
– unisteer rack
– GM four wheel disc brakes
– Chevy motor mounts setup
– transmission mount
– brake pedal & booster mount
– 9″ Ford rearend with new alloy axles bearings & seals
– triangulated 4 bar
– chrome coilovers
– rails fully boxed with nuts welded inside with C notches front and rear
– Bob rear rails

Roughly within three weeks my chassis was completed, primed and ready for pickup.. I had Ken primed the chassis because I know that it’s going to take sometime to build this 32 ford. I didn’t want to deal with surface rust all over the frame during my build, so Ken primed the frame for me.

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