Getting a little done on the 32 Ford

Well, I seem to be getting somewhere with the 32 Roadster, I’ve started installing a few of the items on the roadster.. i.e., tail lights, license plate, etc.

Great idea on the license plate.. I’ve seen a few roadsters where they have just mounted the license plate directly to the back of the car without any brackets or frame.. Well, since I’m working on my 1960 vette as well, I noticed that the license plate bracket on the 60 vette would work great on the 32 ford. So I picked up one and installed it.. It works great, just the right amount of stead-off from the body. I’ll toss up a photo or two shortly of the plate installed. Now, one big question, I’m putting a real 1932 license plate on the back of the roadster.. the problem is that they are smaller then current license plates. Where do I get a nice simple frame for this plate, anyone know?

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