Rearend issues

Point blank, I screwed up.. I ordered a 3:70/31 spine rearend from Speedway for the roadster. BTW Speedway, that’s a really ugly color gray that you paint those rearends, maybe you should offer without paint or maybe just in primer. Anyways on with the screw up.. Before I ordered the rearend, I crawled under the car and verified that there was no tapers on the axles, which would indicate a 28 spine.. Well, since the axles were just sticking there in the housing where the third member goes, I didn’t see any taper near the spine.. So, good, it’s a 31 spine.. You already know where this is going..

When the rearend arrived, I had to repaint it, OMG again, it’s a really ugly grey from Speedway.. prepped and spray it with a gun metal gray.. Much better. Cleaned out the rearend housing with mineral spirits, etc.. Pulled the axles out, installed the third member into the housing, then went to install the axles and they wouldn’t fit.. Yep!.. counted teeth, 28 teeth.. The taper was about 10″ away from the teeth, not next to the teeth.. So I couldn’t see the taper when I looked at the axles in the housing.

So, now what!!! Ship back the third member, it’s going to cost me another $70 bucks, plus, another $70 for the next one, plus I already painted the third member.. So I contacted the chassis builder (Ken) and told him “I screwed up”.. Asked if I could just ship the axles back and get 31 spine axles. Ken’s a good guy and didn’t have a problem with me shipping them back.. So a major Thanks to Ken for helping me out!

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