Lights are on (OTB 682-J headlight housing)

I went back and forth on the type of head lights for the 32 roadster. First, I selected simple Dietz setup with chrome trim rings and primed back.. As for the bulb, went with fluted lights with turn signals integrated into the sealed bulb. When they arrived, they really didn’t fit the look I envisioned. So I searched around for something a little different and came across a set of OTB 682-J headlight housing at the So-Cal speed shop in Sacramento, CA. These are repos and I personally think, very good repos at that. So I ordered them with primed housing and chrome rings. Got them within one week from CA and installed them the very next day..test fit is great, just need to work out the wiring issues.. already have the wires, etc. will be installing through-frame to hide the wires.


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