Building the roadster, continued…

Five really cool updates have occurred on the build in the pass two weeks.. First one, is that I got primer on the Brookville Grill shell, I just had too, each time someone touched that bare metal, finger print rust would show and I would have to 600 grit the flash rust off. So, I asked my buddy to spray on some DP-90 to keep the rust issues under control.

Test fitting the engine in the roadster
Test fitting the engine in the roadster

Second update, finally got the engine back from the machine shop. The engine is a 350 bored .60 over and everything checked out just right.. Once we got the engine back home, we immediately test fitted the engine by dropping it into the engine bay and bolted it to the engine mounts.. Everything dropped in just right, so we pulled it back out and wrapped it back up.. We will begin the assembly of the engine this week, so I now need to figure out what type of oil pan I’ll be putting under this roadster.

Third update, I picked up a 700R4 transmission for the 32 roadster. the transmission came with a 2000 stall converter. That converter is a little low for the engine I’m dropping in, but I’ll deal with that at a later point.

Fourth update, I picked up the shifter for the 700R4. It’s a Lokar shifter with a 12″ arm..

Fifth update, I ordered the Thermal Ceramic Coated Sanderson headers with the power caps on the ends.. Really nice group of guys over there, very knowledgeable on the product and what’s necessary to get the items to fit correctly. The headers are getting the ceramic coating right now, so it will take a week or so to get them.. I can’t wait until these headers arrive.. The engine should be done by then so I’ll be able to drop the engine in and bolt up the tranny and headers for a final test fit.

Then with everything in the engine compartment, I can start the running of the fuel and brake lines for the roadster.. I’ll first pull the body and get my buddy to start working on installing the windshield, while he is getting the itch, I’ll be pluming in the lines.

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3 thoughts on “Building the roadster, continued…”

  1. I really like the links you give, and you have a very good project going. I’m building a 1932 Ford 3 window coupe, and I have used some or your advice from your car, thanks.

    Steve H.
    Denver, CO.

  2. I really like to watch this project. Thank you for sharing…
    I have a question. With a .060 overbore, what will the total cubic inches be on the motor? I mean 383 cubic inches plus?

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