Routing those spark plug wires on the roadster

Routing those spark plug wires is a daunting task. I prefer to keep the top of the engine clean and not show the plug wires at all. So first, I installed wire brackets that belong to my 60 Corvette. I’m pretty sure these little brackets cross over to other cars as well and show up in C2 and C3 Corvettes. So it shouldn’t be a problem from anyone to find them.. They are only $2.75 a piece and you only need four of them.. The nice thing about those little brackets are they pull the wires in nice and tight, keeping them away from the exhaust manifolds.

1932 Ford Plug Wires
1932 Ford Plug Wire Routing

As I work through the next step of bringing the wires up the back side of the roadster engine, I’ll take a few more photos. Looks like I will have to fab some routing channel to bring the wires up to the distributor.

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