The engine build – Part 2

32 Roadster: 383 Chevy Engine
32 Roadster: 383 Chevy Engine

During the pass weekend, we assembled the lower block and bolted on the new AFR heads (AFR 195cc SBC Eliminator Street Cylinder Head). Great looking heads, but I could do without the logo on the front and back of the heads.. I would prefer a logo free version! hopefully, the a few mounting brackets will cover them up.. If not, I was thinking of milling off the logo. This engine compartment needs to be clean, not going to deal with this too well. If I knew the logos where that big, I don’t think I would have purchased the heads. I may have stuck with just some GM alum heads. Too many companies are more interested in branding their products then the quality of their products. Don’t get me wrong, AFR makes a great set of heads, that’s why I wanted them.. But milling off the logo is going to set me back a few hundred and the reassembly as well. . .Maybe I should reach out to AFR and see if they offer a logo free version. Let’s see if they even care. More to come on the issue!


My buddy wants to fire the engine with a carb instead of the fuel injection system, just for the 20 minute breakin period.. I’ll agree with him, we don’t need all the headaches of getting the FI system running while we are trying to fire up a fresh build. So I dug out my old 69 z/28 manifold and cleaned it up.. We’ll be using that with a Holley 650 to break-in the engine for the 32 ford.

My Sanderson headers will be arriving Thursday, this week, so we should be able to button up the engine this weekend and drop the engine into the 32 roadster chassis this weekend. Then have to get a few more things to add onto the engine, i.e., water pump, alternator, etc.. then we should be ready to fire this engine up..

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