Radiator issues

While I was working on getting the OTB 682-J headlight housing test fitted, I decided to test fit the 32 shell, grille insert and radiator. Well, that didn’t go as well as the headlight housing. The 32 shell and grille insert are from Brookville Roadster and the radiator is from a radiator shop out of GA. The radiator was built great, great welds, etc. but just too big, the top tank rubbed the inside of the Brookville shell, see attached photo. I did some research on the web, asked some questions on some forums and most of the guys told me to pick up a Walker radiator. I really didn’t want to spend the money on a Walker Radiator for the roadster, but I really didn’t fell like modding up the aluminum radiator to make it fit.. So I returned the radiator and order a Walker. The walker fit right in, see the photos below:


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