Test Fitting the Grille shroud and Grille Insert

So I resolved the issue with the radiator.. wasn’t so bad, a few extra bucks in shipping charges, but got it all resolved.. Now with the Walker radiator installed, I wanted to see what the final product looked like with the grille insert installed. Next problem, the insert isn’t fitting into the shroud. I have to really push extremely hard to get it to go into the shroud, NOT GOOD!.. There’s no way that this can get paint on it and then installed. The paint will just scratch right off. Next day I showed my body shop, the shop that will be doing all the body work and paint.. They said it would cost about $200 to get it to fit right.. Hello, just paid +$550 for this shroud and insert…

So I called Brookville and advised them of the issue. Seems they knew that sometimes the inserts are off a little bit. So they told me to send them back and they will get it fixed or replace it.. Again, more money in shipping charges.

But the black radiator and shroud sure look good.

32 ford roadster: front of shell and walker radiator
32 ford roadster: front of shell and walker radiator

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