Getting all those roadster parts figured out

With the engine in, I’ve been busy trying to match up the crank pulley with a water pump and alternator pulleys. As well as the upper/lower radiator hoses, upper intake water neck and the alternator itself.

After ordering and returning a few different types of pulleys, looks like I’ll be going with a double groove pulley system from a 1955-1972 Corvette. With my short water pump, this set seems to work out well. Now the trick is the alternator. I’ve been researching all over the web for what other 32 Ford builders have used, seems most mount the alternator up on the heads, usually the driver side. But, to me, that just take away from the clean look of the engine compartment. I want my engine clean and not all built up with brackets and parts that will take away from the main focus, the Inglese induction system. So I researched a few other options, like the rear-end mounted alternator, but it just doesn’t seem a good fit for a car that’s going to be driven. The rear-end mounted alternator will not charge until you reach a certain speed, so in town driving could kill your battery.

So I ordered a Powermaster 8-8818 – Powermaster Pro Series Alternator with Mount Kit. This has a really snug fit to the engine, the alternator itself is one of those mini alternators. Bonus, it’s black, so it looks great next to the black engine. The only issue is that I will have to mill out a new part of the bracket, the current bracket supplied with the system does allow the pulley on the alternator to line up. So I’ll mill out a new bracket taking out about .125″ so they line up.

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