New additions to my roadster

Well, been working on and off between my 60 Corvette and the Ford Roadster.. The Corvette is getting more attention right now because I’m so close to getting back on the road.. In the past few weeks I have picked up a few additional parts for the roadster, including mini starter, distributor, plug wires and coil.

Jegs had a really good deal on a turnkey bundle package with Pertronix. The bundle package includes: Billet Plug & Play Distributor, Flame Thrower II 45K Volt Coil & 8MM Universal Spark Plug Wire Set for only $264. Since I wanted to keep the chrome and colors to a minimal in the engine compartment, this package fit the bill, with a black cap on the distributor and black plug wires. I think I’ll change out the coil, as it has a chrome base, go with a black base.

As for the mini starter, I picked up one the JEGS Prostarter Mini Starters for $179, perfect fit and looks great.. I think I will mast it off and paint the body of the starter black just so it’s not distracting.

Now the trick is going to be routing the plug wires on the roadster so that don’t heat up nor get caught near the headers. I purchased some wire looms from 68-75 Corvette, going to try to route the wires behind the engine and bring them up by the oil pan. This is the same style as my 60 Corvette. We will see, wire looms are in enroute, should get them by the end of the week..

I’ll take a few photos showing the starter and the routing of the plug wires shortly, so you all can see how it’s looking.

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