Installing a seat in a 1932 Ford Roadster (part 1)

Well, just like the gauges, rear lights, etc., the interior is one’s personal preference. I’ve opted to use a middle seat frame from a Dodge Caravan instead of spending hundred of dollars on a special 32 ford seat frame. It may not function as nice as one of those special made 32 frames, but I’m not going to be using this roadster as a daily driver. And I rather spend the money on other things for the car. I’ve seen other roadsters with the Caravan seats and a good interior guy can work magic on those frame. So, it’s up to you as to where you want to spend your money.. The seat that I picked up was from a 2005 Dodge Caravan, it’s roughly 42″ width, so it will fit perfect in there the roadster.. I did make the mistake of buying another seat just before this one, it’s the three seater version, I thought I would cut it done.. But when you are talking about $40 for a seat, just not worth the time or effort to cut up a frame to make it smaller, when you can get another one that will fit fine for $40.

Side note: Seems that 2000-2005 Chrysler and Dodge mini vans all use the same seats, just be sure to get the 40-42″ one and not the 47″ one.

Standard Dodge Caravan Mid seat
Standard Dodge Caravan Mid seat

Need to remove the track assembly before installing
Need to remove the track assembly before installing

Installed seat in 1932 Ford Roadster
1932 Ford Roadster seat install

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4 thoughts on “Installing a seat in a 1932 Ford Roadster (part 1)”

  1. I have a 32 five window coupe I am restoring w/some improvements.I want to thank you for sharing your info on a seat. I have been looking into redo on original, but like the Caravan idea a lot more.

    1. The Caravan seat is a great solution compared to the costs of redoing an original frame or one of those expensive Glider frames. Check out craigslist for someone that pulled one out and left in their garage or call a few junk yards.. You can pick them up for $25-$100.. And if you are really lucky, try to get one the right color, as the seat belts come with the seat.. So if you re-upholstery the seat in the same color, you get the right color seat belts for free!

      Would love to see some photos of your car.. Send them over to me and I’ll post them if you like..


  2. I am installing my in a 32 five window coupe. My question is what are you using for the brackets and to install in the car? I want to be able to adjust the seat forward and reverse.

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