Fuel System

Well, I received the Inglese™ EZ-EFI® Induction System a few days ago for my 32 Ford. The system was really packed well, it took me a few minutes to get through all the bubble-wrap. Nice job guys!

As for the system, it’s fully assembled right out of the box and it looks sick.I went with the 100mm stacks with the screen booties on top. I may upgrade to the filter version, down the road.. Lots of docs came with the system and the Inglese™ wiring harness looks great.

Two things that were over-looked were the fuel pump and tranny hook up.. So I had to order the fuel pump system yesterday and I also found out that currently the Inglese™ system doesn’t hook up to a 700R4 tranny. But according to the tech guys, they have a prototype working fine and a working model should be ready within 6 weeks.

I’ll take a few more photos of the full kit this weekend.

32 Ford Fuel System
32 Ford Fuel System

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