32 Ford fiberglass time

Now that it’s starting to cool off a little and the grass isn’t growing a few inches everyday. I can start playing around with my 32 roadster again. The fiberglass guy is coming out in a week to give me an estimate on installing the eyebrow for the windshield. Glad I got someone else to do the glass work, I just hate the itch. A few little things that I’ve been doing in the evening is working on Eco Air Meters. I purchased a few of them, will be restoring them, keeping the best one and selling the rest of them. Check it out, I tossed out a site to document the restoration work on these tireflators ECO TireFlators Maybe one of you guys want to buy one off me.. LOL

Anyways, the 32 Roadster will get my attention now and I’ll start posting new updates on a regular basis.. Thanks for hanging around and asking questions!


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