Rims and Tires for the 1932 Ford Roadster

It’s been some time since my last post, I’ve been hard at work with my 60 Corvette and not spending much time on building the Ford Roadster. I have hit a few milestones, one being the most important.. We have rim and tires on the roadster!!! YAHOOOO!! glad to get rid of those roller rims and tires! Check out the photo of the roadster, tell me what you think.. Rims are American Racing Torque Thrust II, 15×6 Front and 17×9.5 in the rear with 3.75 offset in the rear, to give a deeper dish look. The tires are BF Goodrich 195/60 R15 and 275/60 R17. I already know that I want to get a little thicker tire in the rear, so I’ll use these tires to break in the roadster (hint: smoke) and buy a thicker tire down the road, something like a 325/60 R17. Another milestone was the final order of the parts for the stroker. Here’s the full breakdown of all the good internal stuff going into the 32 Ford Roadster‘s engine:

  • SB Chevy 383 Scat Rotating Assembly Kit, 3.750 Stroke 6.000 Rods 9.8:1 SRP/Mahle Dish Pistons
  • Pro/Sport Chevrolet V8 283-350 Int. Balance SFI Damper
  • SB Chevy 350 & 454 PRW Race SFI Flex Plate 168 tooth, 2 Pc Seal – Internal Balance
  • AFR SBC 180cc Street Heads, straight plug w/heat riser, 65cc, complete w/parts
  • ARP Small Block Chevy 350-400 Black Oxide Engine Bolt Kit – 12 Point Head
  • ARP SB Chevy Black Oxide High Performance Head Bolt Kit, Hex head
  • SB Chevy Scat 9000 3.750″ Stroke Crankshaft – 383 Internal Balance
  • Scat 4340 Forged Pro Stock Small Block Chevy 6.000″ I-Beam Rods
  • SRP 9.9:1 Inverted Dome Pistons, SB Chevy 350 (4.060 Bore) 3.750 Stroke, For 6.0″ Rods
  • 4.065″ File-Fit Mahle Performance Standard Tension Ring Set – 1/16″, 1/16″, 3/16″
  • Clevite 77 CB663P SBC  2.10″
  • Clevite 77 MS909P SBC 2.45″ Large Journal

A special thanks goes out to CNC Motorsports, for all the internal engine parts. Real easy ordering and experienced guys behind the phone.

32 Ford Roadster with American Racing Rims
32 Ford Roadster with American Racing Rims


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