What rims and tires do I get?

Here’s the next big issue. What size rim and tires do I go with?.. Old school theme, need to keep around 15″-16″.. But I like the look of the bigger rims..

1932 Ford roadster
17" in the front and 20" in the rear

The old school guys call the big rim/tire combo rubberband tires. I’ll be doing more research and looking on the web for more photos.. I may end up with getting two sets of rims/tires.. some old school, steel rims and then some 17″/18″ just so I can switch out the look.. Why not?


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One thought on “What rims and tires do I get?”

  1. That 1932 roadster looks so awesome with those custom rims. Wow!
    It makes the cars of today look like pieces of junk. That a real machine right there, not some piece of plastic like people are driving around now.

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