Roadster: Wanlass/Rodwell windshield (part II)

I got a phone call a few days ago from Dick Rodwell, just advising me that my 32 Ford windshield was on its way to me. He also explained that the lower stanchions are coming un-chromed so I could grind/tweak them to make a better fit on my 32 Ford Glass body. Rodwell stated that most of the time you need to do a little tweaking of the body or stanchions to get a perfect fit on the 32 Ford Roadster bodies, glass or metal. Just the nature of the breast. Once I get a good fit on the Roadster body, send back the lower stanchions and he would chrome them and send them back.

As for the quality of the 32 roadster windshield, I have to say, it’s beautiful.. once together, it’s a piece of art that will be going on top my 32 roadster.

Now the bad news. Seems my 32 roadster body doesn’t have a eyebrow on the top dash area. Seems that some glass bodies have that eyebrow removed so it’s a flat surface for other style 32 roadster windshields. Well, the Rodwell windshield needs that eyebrow in place for a better fit. So I reached back out to Dick Rodwell and had a pleasant surprise, he manufactures a fiberglass eyebrow piece just for that reason. So I ordered one of those 32 Ford eyebrow pieces as well. I just don’t feel like doing massive glass work to get the fit just right.

Rodwell Windshield
32 Ford Windshield
Rodwell 32 Ford Windshield fresh out of the box

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6 thoughts on “Roadster: Wanlass/Rodwell windshield (part II)”

  1. I have a new 3 inch chopped windshield chromed with all hardware etc. From Lobeck’s that I would like to trade for a rodwell windshield .

    1. Jeremy,

      You just gave me a great idea for this blog, a trading post area.. let me see how quickly I can get that up and would you like your trade to be the first on the list?

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