Wanlass roadster windshield

Setting the rim/tire issue aside, I wanted to get the windshield situation under control. So after looking around at a few other windshields and the rake of the windshields I decided on a Wanlass 1932 Ford roadster windshield. I just like the look of the rake of the windshield, it’s seems to give the roadster a fluid look instead of a flat angle look.

I reached out to Dave Mann at Roadsters.com. Dave and I had a long conversion about the windshield and the history of it. These curved, two-inch-chopped windshields for ’32 Ford roadsters are the work of veteran hot rodders Dick Rodwell and Stanley Wanlass, who spent three years developing them.

Dave has been in the hotrod business a long time as well and knows a lot of the hotrod guys out there. He’s a great wealth of information and loves to talk about 32 ford roadsters. After he gave me some good information and a few tips, I ordered the windshield and should have it in roughly a week or so.. Believe me, once it arrives, I’ll be installing it the next day.

Rodwell / Wanlass roadster windshield
Rodwell / Wanlass roadster windshield installed on this 32 roadster

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