Installing those 39 Ford Tail lights on the roadster.

Seems there’s a variety of tail lights that you can install on a 32 ford, it’s all based on one’s preference. I’ve chosen to do a more common version and picked up a set of the 39 Ford LED Tail lights from So-Cal with the quick flasher/blink. The trick to installing the lights and getting everything level and straight is to take your time. Mock up the placement of the tail lights and license plate, I used paper cutouts with double stick tape.. Start, by running blue tape down the side on the truck to get a straight/level line with the body. Figure out the locations of the lights and license plate, that’s your preference.

Once you have everything level and measurements all the same.. Use an awl or something sharp to mark the mounting points that will need to be drilled. Remove everything and drill out the mark areas. You may want to drill oversize holes just for adjustment reasons. But be sure that the lights and plate will allow oversize holes, you don’t want do an oversize holes and find out that you can now see that hole after installing the lights or plate.

Installing tail lights on a 32 ford roadster
Installing tail lights on a 32 ford roadster

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